Speaking of Fleather-Brained

I mentioned yesterday the fourth contributor to the MISS giveaway, Fleathers, but realized that you may not be familiar. You haven't been formally introduced to yet another Philly label that continues to inspire the work around our studio. Fleathers and Rabid Fox (two branches from the same tree) are jewelry lines by Linda Smyth, a Philadelphia based store-keeper and designer that have long adorned the lobes and fingers of Miss Carrie Collins.

Fleathers is Linda's leather-based line, usually earrings that are large and colorful and you guessed it, crafted to mimic the fluttery fringe of a feather. Rabid Fox on the other hand, which is co-created with Rebecca Pulver, is all metal, forged in the shape of little animals. The pieces are designed so the animals perch in the unlikeliest location--a knuckle or two--making for quite the visual impact.

Both lines are at home at TopStitch boutique, where wouldn't you know it, FH also happens to sell our wares. Carrie was kind enough to buy me a Rabidfox ring as a moving-out-west present, and boy it is swell. I'll bet you can guess which member of the animal kingdom we favor in jewelry format...

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