MISS Winners

We put some loot into a Philly Love Contest over at M.I.S.S. back in December. To play, hopefuls had to answer some basic Philly trivia. Anyone could enter, few could win.

The decision was so tough that the ladies ultimately turned over the responsibility of deciding a winner over to Magick Outlaw's infinite wisdom and jurisprudence, based on a very tricky Bonus Challenge:

In the interest of helping us write a song about Philadelphia, write down what you think of when you think about Philadelphia. The only requirements are that it has to be two lines, and the two lines have to rhyme.

The winners were Vida Vazquez with this entry:

I never seen so many neon colored weaves,
Philly’s under-rated you best believe

And Kim C.:

Feel like i’m running towards the sky as if i was rocky, Amanda Blanks nails claw ya out if anyones try’s to stop me
Mannequins around me because no one does anything, but Philly’s hood won’t get better unless we do something

Each winner takes home some assortment of goods from Fabric Horse, R.E.Load, Magick Outlaw and Fleathers.

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