I'm about to leave for Jamaica

Thank you to everyone for all their support. 7:30am tomorrow morning my plane takes off for Jamaica where I will be working with The Johns Town Women's Sewing and Craft Coop. A little stressed out and very tired, but so excited! I will be sure to post photos and a story about the trip as soon as I can. If you still want to win a Basket Bag, custom Seatbelt Bag or Utility Belt you can purchase a $5 raffle ticket on the left side of this here blog.



Support the Pedal Co-op Next Wednesday!

A shindig to help the pedal co-op become a nonprofit, with bands, a bake sale, a second premiere of of the film Bicycle Cupid and valet bike parking. Fun! April 15 @ 8pm. The Marvelous, 204 s. 40th St. in Philadelphia.


This Could Be A Commercial

I came across this little bit, written by a reader on his own blog, by following some of our stats...which is officially creepy. I know. I'm only confessing the dark path by which I came across it in order to share it with you.

It's really just a short conversation between friends, but it happens to be what you hope people are saying about you:

Anyway, if we made things like commercials, I'd get some buddy of ours to draw a cartoon version and run it on the tv.


Fabric Horse in Daily Candy

Though our Candy Cherry was popped a while back, we are still excessively flattered to be featured in the Weekend Guide this week for the new Basket Bag.