This Could Be A Commercial

I came across this little bit, written by a reader on his own blog, by following some of our stats...which is officially creepy. I know. I'm only confessing the dark path by which I came across it in order to share it with you.

It's really just a short conversation between friends, but it happens to be what you hope people are saying about you:

Anyway, if we made things like commercials, I'd get some buddy of ours to draw a cartoon version and run it on the tv.


  1. Wow, you couldn't make that kind of stuff up (without being cheesy).

  2. What a nice find.
    I just stumbled upon FH and I like what I see.
    Your jansport creations came out great!

  3. Awesome, I remember that guy's email. Nice find Mary, it would be a great commercial.

  4. ha! that's my blog! (hooray for internet creepiness for making it easy to find)

    keep up the good work, fabric horses!