The Beginning of Fabric Horse

Hello! The Fabric Horse blog is now up. Aren't you excited?! This is going to be a place where I try to let ya'll know what FH actually is with the help of all the people involved. . .

Please let me introduce Mary Casper and Emily Glaubinger. I have had the pleasure of working with Mary for the past 10 months. She is the first paid Fabric Horse stitcher, well other than myself of course, but that doesn't count. Mary has been stitching for the last 4 months and was my intern prior. She also stitches full time for R.E.Load Bags. But really, Mary is and wants to be a writer. She is amazing, incredibly bright and intelligent and will excell at anything she puts her energy behind.

Oh gees, how do I describe Emily? Emily is one of my favorite people ever. She just recently moved to San Francisco for a job but needs to move back to Philly right now! When her and I are together the ideas and possibilities are endless. She carries more creativity in the pad of her baby finger than you will ever experience in your entire life. Emily is an incredible illustrator and artist and tends to be my muse whenever I can get her to sign on to Instant Messenger. If she's kicking it at the same spot as you her presence is undoubtedly known and you best not forget her.