Custom Halfbelts

I recently finished these two Halfbelts for a soldier who came in. He donated a pair of his ACUs for the cause, but luckily I saved him a pair of shorts out of the deal. The one with more pink on it is for his wife.

Pretty crazy.


Epic Birthday @ Amberella

Last Saturday there was a solo show by Kencredible at Amberella Gallery here in the Piazza. It was a huge birthday bash for Ken, included in that were photos he took of our cake headdress. He has been using our headdresses and taking beautiful photos with them. This was the first exhibition Ken has included Fabric Horse.

Of course we had to outfit her for the party too.

Can you tell which one is the headdress and which one is a real cake? Amber Lynn had these cakes make special for the event. They look amazing.

Are you ready to go back to school?

We are about to release our bookbag....."The Classic" ..... these two purple beauts are meant for a couple of best friends.

Did you know?

Both the Halfbelt and the Superhero belt are constructed with an internal belt looping system. This way when the velcro gives out from you wearing the crap out of your utility belt every dang day, you can still wear it forever and ever. It also can totally change the look of the belt. This is the Relaxed Halfbelt in olive waxed canvas. Don't be jealous.


Fabric Horse in WIRED News

I just had a customer call to inform us we were featured in WIRED News online. Now I just have to go hunt down the printed copy to see if we made the cut.