Duly Noted

You know how the greeting card industry is so crazy, and they're always coming up with holidays and occassions for which you need to send cards? Well you might also know that I am sort of a fan of such craziness, I love inventing excuses for mail in general and sending cards in particular, whether it be internationally or just across the street.

For the second time this week, I'm passing something I ran across and thought you might also like. I can imagine keeping a stack of these in my belt just in case.

As a person who has once received such a nice note left in the basket of my bike, I advocate them wholeheartedly and every single day of the year. These particular ones are adorable and fairly affordable and if you are a planner-aheader then totally you should order some from this nice lady. They are letter-pressed and include a handy loop for attaching them more assuredly to one of the many tubes that come standard on the modern bicycle. I'd also say, however and in contrast, don't let any aesthetically inferior correspondence stop you from leaving a similarly sentimental note on a scrap of a PW with a blue crayon, if that's what you happen to have.

If I had my way, we'd start leaving notes for each other over the most ordinary, mundane possible things because it seems like we could use some good old fashioned cheering up these days, no?

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