FH LH Cameo

I just found this video, It's Your Ride, directed by Daniel Leeb and commissioned by Hutchinson tires, and I'm sharing it. Not because it's well done as urban cycling videos go, or because the soundtrack is pretty nice, or because it smartly features equally a pretty girl on a cruiser and a handsome boy riding fixed. Not even because it has bicycles in it. All of that, and I was still on the fence. There's something else.

It's Your Ride from Cinecycle on Vimeo.

Did you catch it? At 2:24, if you're paying attention, our little lock holster makes a cameo. It turns out that it's pretty darn exciting to find yourself watching a commercial on the internet when you notice that you made the thing worn by the guy in the commercial on the internet. Or rather, it was exciting until I wrote it here and now re-reading it makes it seem like pretty small potatoes. It's a commercial! For tires! See? Exciting.

Either way, you probably shouldn't blink because you might miss it.


  1. No, it does rock to see your stuff in the wild. It's completely awesome, gratz!

  2. why wouldn't you mention my name..? or rather know how i love your product & i use it everyday. I've even had a few shops call you because i believed in what you where doing.