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It's true, it's true, sometimes I have been known to watch Bravo's Project Runway. But imagine my surprise this week to find the challenge so near and dear! This past episode, seven if you're counting, seems to have been sponsored heavily by Saturn, makers of a new hybrid that boasts its components are 85% recyclable. With this in mind, P.R.'s creators dared designers to use only these materials from the cars to create "a look of their choice."

The only thing I had to conclude was that Heidi Klum surely must read this blog.

Now, for the purposes of their show, I'm almost certain that the "recycled parts" had not yet even been cycled, that is they were ripped from assembly lines or brand new cars as none of the parts bore any signs of use, wear, rust, or grime--an issue you've surely heard me whine about at some point. The seatbelts were sparkling new, golden even.

This difference may not strike the average weekly audience to their show, but I shot up and nearly yelped at the screen, "That's CHEATING!" calling to mind the hours FH ladies have waded through soggy, filthy belts as I did so.

In addition to our familiar seatbelts, they also used upholstery, vents, headlights, glass and dashboards in their designs. Some were pretty standard applications, but others (Leanne's) were incredibly inspired, interesting uses of materials in ways that required a pronounced vision for the final product and almost a knowledge of architecture to pull it off.

Winning dress

As you may guess, I loved the episode. I'm impressed this season with the number of challenges that push a green agenda: first with green fabrics and now with outright recycling. So if you have the patience for reality tv (I know sometimes it can be nearly intolerable) I might suggest you watch this one. The season is rife with the usual dramatics, but there are several contestants I'm interested to watch.

In case you were wondering, FH is not sponsored by Saturn or any other car manufacturer. Not now anyway, though we'll certainly keep you posted.

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  1. I'm so excited to meet Leanne in just a few short weeks in Portland. She is a new addition to my old pals and I couldn't be more proud of someone I don't even know. Yet! Oh, and FH immediately came to mind when this challenge was presented and I'm convinced, as well, that the wife of a seal must certainly read this blog.

    Miss you much!