Howdy Doody Heavy Duty

You may have guessed that FH has some pretty industrial strength tools in the "shed" to help us make all of your stuff as indestructible as humanly possible. Truly, we put things through all kinds of torture to make sure your belt or bag does exactly as we intended, preventing against any loss or damage to your personal belongings that might result in tears. And because we're, you know, big dawgs.

In addition to our dear, dear Consew walking foot machine, we also use this crazy hot knife (no not that kind) to cut and finish all the seatbelts.

And for all the snaps and hooks and grommets and whatnots, we have a heavy iron threaded press that uses changeable dies that first puncture the fabric and then permanently implant metal fittings into place. The press is bolted to our work table, the only thing interrupting the huge flat surface, like the buddha of tools. To use this machine makes you feel unstoppable and snapping, I've found, to be very very addictive.

Extending this penchant for heavy duty tools into other realms of my life, I bought an iron griddle for the top of my new stove and this morning we christened it with banana pancakes. This is no light business, the thing weighs ten pounds.

It is so heavy and shiny and hot, it is perfect. I was inspired to get one by all the old Wedgewood ranges out here in California--these awesome, functioning old gas stoves with a built in warming chamber and a...griddle. Heavy duty, indeed.

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  1. Ooh, I've been eying that hot knife for a while! I'm using a Weller soldering gun to cut webbing for now.