My trusty front loading, shallow dip, Ward steel basket, which hangs proudly in the front of my cruiser (the Queen Mary, to those who know it) has sadly broken! I'm not sure if it was all those mountain roads or what between me and Philadelphia, but the basket stays have broken the frame of the basket at precisely the spot where everything comes together. It stays on the bike sure, but any sort of load is too much to bear. I tested it out with a light load of laundry the other day only to be answered in a high pitched crying squeak.

Today, via thegirlinthegreendress, I saw a very unusual basket, plastic (boo) but incredibly beautiful (hooray!), scandinavian (of course) and Quite expensive. The design is by Marie-Louise Gustafsson, a Swedish designer also responsible for such wonders as a mobile bathtub. Behold:

Lacey, right? And it's called Carrie--no pun intended, I'm sure. Truthfully, I'm afraid I'd look like a fairy f***ing princess! I'd have to wear wings and a green gown for the rest of my cruising days. I'm not sure I could actually handle that, but maybe could you?

It also comes in a strictly shopping basket version in case one is not inclined to pedal. For all you big spenders, they are available here.

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