In Good Company

The PW has been running a slew of locals in their Style Profile column lately, latest of which is our own Carrie Collins. It's short and sweet and the stunning photo of C-Dazzle is shot in front of the trestle that neighbors our studio.

I'm a fan of the column's format, which consists of one high quality flattering photo and then a quoted paragraph from the week's style maven, usually an insight into their creative process, self-concept or general philosophy. Pretty straight forward and therefore, classy. Other recent profiling showcased our old faves, Philadelphia Sewing Collective and Lara Long of Plaid Pony Vintage, as well as our new fave MadebyHank. And speaking of which, thanks to MadebyHank for the recent shoutout on her blog!


  1. congrats! always cool to have your picture in the paper and receive recognition for your work.

  2. Thanks Joel, and thanks Mary for hitting this up. . . must mean you are settling in alright in Oakland eh?