New BCGP Website!

Looks pretty sweet guys! As I've said so many times before, the bicycle coalition in Philadelphia is forever on top of all issues surrounding cyclists in the metro region. Front and center on the new home page is a photo of a critical mass ride down the parkway to city hall, surely one of the most romantic and proud vantagepoints, saddle-wise. Side bar content includes bicycle related civic action, local news and regional events. Added to this, a full menu of buttons to help the average cyclist find maps, report a dangerous road condition or incident, find a nearby shop or volunteer with the coalition itself.

Like many of the more successful bicycle coalitions in the United States, this new website makes helpful tools accessible for all types of cyclists, whether they be commuters, messengers or recreationalists. Most importantly, an effective website provides the basis for a flourishing cycling community to follow. Philly IS an awesome bike city. But sometimes it's hard for newcomers or new riders to see it that way because of the pervasive and aggressive driving culture there. By centralizing relevant information into one website about how to get used to riding in a city, specifically Philadelphia, the coalition has made great progress toward increasing the number of bicycles on the road. I don't know if you noticed, but this summer saw a marked increase in the number of pedals spinning in Philadelphia. I know my favorite bike shop couldn't keep steeds in stock.

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