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Somehow, amidst everything else happening at FH this summer, Carrie Collins has managed to put together a show. In collaboration with local lady Beth Brandon and curated by Annette Monnier, the event entitled "10% Tiger Fire" opens tomorrow, Friday evening at Copy Gallery 7-11 pm. Annette has provided lovely and insightful interviews with both artists on her lovely and insightful blog. See August 17, 2008 and August 23, 2008 for Beth and Carrie, respectively.

While I cannot very well give hints as to the offerings of this opening--sadly,I am as spacially removed as you are these days from the inner workings of Carrie's brain--I can provide you with the artists' statement. And trust me, it will whet your palate. They write:

10% Tiger Fire is the work of two artists; Beth Brandon and Carrie Collins.

Beth Brandon is an accomplished young artist who is or has been involved with several local artist spaces (Space 1026, Padlock, The Fabric Workshop and Museum) , and exhibits regularly in Philadelphia and beyond. Carrie Collins is an accomplished industrial designer (with her own company, Fabric Horse) who also creates what we can call 'fine art" (she was a founding member of Black Floor Gallery). The exhibition's curator, Annette Monnier, has brought them together because she believes the work of each artist will compliment the other's, allowing the viewer to pick up nuances in the artists' oeuvres that might otherwise be missed.

The remaining 90% of the exhibition is as follows: 40% function as it applies to "non-functional" objects, 10% home-coming party, 20% interior decor, 10% fantasy, 10% whiskey. For a more detailed description we (Annette, Beth and Carrie in alphabetical order) invite you to see everything for yourself at Copy Gallery. The opening of the exhibition will be held on Friday, September 5th from roughly 7-11. Refreshments will be an integral part of the celebration, please join us.

Bring your friends.
Copy Gallery, 319A N. 11th St., 3rd Floor

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