The Makery

So, remember back in December when I told you I went to the Bust Craftacular with my friend Sue? Remember how I mentioned something about your sweet tooth? Remember all of this?

Well the story is, Sue is a wonderfully gracious hostess and a veteran craft fair seller. I say hostess because back in December, she let me set up a little corner of her table with the handmade caramels that I make. She even lent me her vintage pyrex for displaying them. I say gracious because she did this as a friendly gesture to me, who really didn't expect to sell anything at said craft fair, and watched with warm encouragement as I Sold Out. Ahem. I sold out in three hours. The samples were obviously crucial, but people would walk up to the table and take the small morsel into their mouths, prepared to walk away and then the flavor would literally stop them in their tracks. I loved witnessing it. Sue didn't do half bad herself, mind you.

But the story is this: I have made these caramels for presents in December the past few years. They are remarkably good. This year I started experimenting with herbs and speculating on new combinations of flavors. And I came up with a good one. Rosemary. I also replicated a classic. Sea Salted. They are totally organic and made in small batches so they are always fresh. The flavor is really smooth and I make them a little softer than most, so they almost melt on the tongue and yield easily to the tooth. It seemed an obvious choice for selling at a holiday craft fair, already tried and true.

I'm calling the candy shop the Makery. Sort of inspired by the Fakery on Weeds, but also because I think I could someday own a bakery and by rhyming this venture with that, I somehow feel closer to that faroff goal. I made an etsy shop for them so that people could order them. And a few of them have. I'm hoping to sell them in a few handmade shops and cafes here in Philly soon.

Now kids, I love to stitch, but a part of my heart will always belong to food. And expensive beer, of course, but mostly food. And this wasn't really a plan of mine, to have a side business making candy, but then it just sort of happened. And much as I find satisfaction in my day job, it is a whole new thing to feel proud of something that is totally you, from start to finish, and have other people reinforce it by way of their eating and smiling simultaneously. So pardon this shameless self-promotion, but I just had to fill you in on something I've been working on in my spare time. I know candy seems a little frivolous, okay, but it IS almost Valentine's Day...

And I ship...

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