Leap Year

I am writing all of you all a little late on this Friday night because I just realized that the final hours of February 29 are closing in and I didn't want to miss my chance to wish you adorable people a happy leap year. Revel in your extra day of 2008, the time space bargain of the year. We are celebrating by having our third annual Febtoberfest: A humongous party with bands and djs and snacks and beer held every Febtober at our lovely house in West Philadelphia. Three floors and a basement of kids full to bursting with majestic party spirit.
I'll be honest. It is cold out. But it only takes a Sparks to get a fire going. And soon all those around will warm up in one sweaty crowded dance party that lasts late into the night. I do hope you've found a way to celebrate this Leap year in your neighborhood. And if you live in mine, you should swing by.

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