Bust Craftacular

To all of you folks in New York City, I will be hanging out at the mega craft fair, the Bust Craftacular, a huge holiday craft fair at the Metropolitan Pavilion, located at 125 W 18th St in Manhattan. I won't be there representing Fabric Horse, unfortunately, but I will be selling some handmade herbed caramels that I've been working on lately in my spare time. So if you are all set on fancy belts and spats, but you're short on morsels to satisfy your sweet tooth, then come on over and say hi.

I'll be sitting in my friend Sue's booth. Her company is called Giant Dwarf, and she makes hats and hats and hats and gloves and pin cushions and buttons and bonnets. I am a particularly avid fan of the glovettes, which are double knit recycled polyester on the outside, lined with fleece and fingerless and excellent for wearing while sewing in a cold place.

Mostly I'm going to just see the madness that is a holiday craft fair in New York and to hang out with Sue, but Amy Sedaris will also be there and her table is a mere stone's throw from ours, and let's just say I'm a little psyched about that too.

Pictures of the craftacular may follow.

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