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Last minute news flash for those of you lovely people living in and around the illustrious city of Baltimore, MD: Fabric Horse is coming to you.

For one day only, Fabric Horse good(ie)s will be lovingly touted by our dear friends Jami & Jake of Built in Pittsburgh alongside their outstanding assortment of hats to Squidfire's Second Annual Holiday Art Mart. So, you should go say howdy and get out of the house! Look for these two not only charming but goodlooking vendors, one most definitely wearing some kind of lace. They make the most wonderful hats and cycling friendly clothing that is both highly functional and amazingly beautiful. Jami and Jake have been working at R.E.Load for the holiday season, but call Pittsburgh their home the other 11 months out of the year. We have been so happy to have them for even this brief little sliver of time.

And they were gracious enough to take some belts and spats on the road with them! Here is Jami wearing some of her Fabric Horse garb, just so you can spot her in a crowd:

And this is Jake, wearing some glasses he fashioned for himself in between optometrist appointments which is so unbelievably resourcefulthatitblowsmymind! and so keep an eye out for this strapping gent as well:

Truly they are little beacons of warm happy freespirited flavor and you should go down there and bask in their glow. And buy one of their hats! Or a utility belt! You will immediately look hotter than you already do.

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