A Tisket A Tasket

Sometimes my favorite days to wear my half belt are also days when I need to go to the post office, I need to buy coffee for us at work, or I need to carry home a 5 gallon stainless steel pot for my beermaking habit. And let's be honest, as crucial as FH belts may be, you can only fit so much into that velcro pouch. So while I keep my wallet, my keys, my phone and my ipod in my belt, these are the days I make sure to wheel out my cruiser, with its ever functional Basket.

Mine is just a standard shallow steel deal, made by Wald, with the addition of a small red & white plastic lifesaver that reads "RMS Queen Mary" a present from the boyfriend's boss Curtis secured by a zip tie to the front. It'll fit one paper grocery bag or two FH boxes perfectly, and for large loads, I use a couple of old tubes to tie stuff to it. It serves me well, but if I had a million dollars I would obviously get this:

A handmade basket from A.N.T. Bikes, this beauty runs 275 dollars and made custom to fit on the shop's handbuilt frames. Unfortunately for me, you have to buy the cow here. Which is to say you have to buy these baskets along with one of the shop's custom bicycles, not a la carte to go on say, an old ladies Schwinn. But I can respect that. A.N.T. is a frame and parts builder in Holliston, Massachusetts. The ANT stands for Alternative Needs Transportation, as well it should. The owner, Mike, seems like a pretty cool guy. Judging from his links, which include Cool Organizations, Food and Politics, and Alternative Energy alongside several more bike obvious things, I'd say it looks like he runs a neat little shop. See the entire Baskets and Racks section for many more equally deluxe setups. Their bikes are real pretty too.

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