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News in the world of bicycle security: Kryptonite, as in that little company to whom you trust your beloved set of wheels, has recently reached a whole new level of awesome. They have started making BIKE RACKS. BIKE RACKS that make it easy to lock up your frame and even a wheel if need be. I kid you not.

I, as you, know all too well the frustration of finding bike parking so unevenly distributed throughout the city where I live. One block can be littered with signposts, already full with other bikes, while others can hardly offer a parking meter. Too often available parking comes in the way of shadowed corners, too thin metal fences or worse, verifiable racks that have been loosened from their foundations--traps for absent minded riders who make the mistake of locking to these unfortunate bear traps.

So this company is actually providing a service to the community. Can you even imagine? The only price for their generosity is the not so subtle logo printed in bright yellow at the bottom of each rack. A small price to pay for something so useful and good.

So to those lucky kids in Portland (OR), Austin (TX), Palos Heights (IL)and Blue Island (IL), I would like to extend a hearty congratulations. I am most certainly jealous. According to Kryptonite's blog, 75 racks will eventually be installed across the country, though details about these added locations is yet to be announced. You can read more about this right over here. Philadelphia, I have a jealous feeling, is not to be among the chosen, but probably it won't hurt to cross my hopeful fingers anyway. It would be pretty awesome to see one of those beauties outside our studio someday...

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