I hope that you all voted yesterday, I would have blogged about it to remind you but I was too busy Actually Doing It, that is to say, being voter number 22 at my local poll. Smaller offices, sure, but still important. So, after the fact, I am happy to lay on a hefty guilt trip to those who stayed away, and to extend a hearty congratulations to those who cast their ballots.

Two little bits: the most recent issue of UrbanVelo, a young publication out of Pittsburgh about urban cycling, came out last Thursday. You should keep an eyeball peeled for it at your local awesome bike shop or check out the internet version here. There is an excellent piece on the inside about winterizing your cycling routine, which though a bit of an overview ,is a really nice checklist of an article about some timely preparations we can make for the coming freeze.

And secondly but not least, there is a noteworthy article in the NY Times called "In Portland, Cultivating a Culture of Two Wheels." It outlines the the viability of cycling as a community based economic enterprise, as evidenced by the lovely American city, Portland, Oregon. And there is this fancy video too. As a Philadelphian, who has only glimpsed the fine streets of that overcast Western mecca and whose local experience of bike related economy seems somewhat stifled by aggressive motorists and elusive bike lanes, this article is a beacon of hopeful light. I have to say, my visit to the fair Canadian city of Montreal is by far my closest approximation of heaven and Philly, bless you, is just so far from being that. I was frankly amazed that an American city could earn the distinction of being a Culture of Two Wheels. So, way to go PDX. I mean, I knew you sort of ruled, but now I've seen the proof.

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