Junkyard Bilenkathon

I wanted to give you all plenty of time to gear yourselves up, so to speak, to race in the Second Annual Bilenky Cycle Works Urban Cyclocross Race. Who knows how much Thanksgiving you're going to eat and you may want to bounce up and down on some curbs, but I think that two and a half weeks is enough time to get your asses in shape to be worthy competitors.

The rabblerousing starts at noon, but for all you churchgoers and partypigs, race isn't til three. So no need to hustle your hump, but you will be rewarded for arriving on time with beers and BBQ, which personally turns my cranks a little faster. And to accompany all this festivity, the West Philadelphia Orchestra is rumored to have been secured to play Balkan Party, a.k.a. Gypsy music. I know, I know, you are squirming in your saddles already.

If you can gather from this lovely poster, designed by our own pal Emily, there will be junk to navigate as the entire race takes place in the junkyard near Bilenky's shop.

And if you don't yet know about Bilenky Cycle Works, you need to get your head out of the sand (dude, this is philly! That's not sand!) and figure it out. They build some pretty sexy frames right here in Philadelphia and they are quite the little outfit. R.E.Load boss man Roland, can be seen posing with his custom Bilenky travel track bike on the Kryponite website, here.

But back to the bones:

WHO: YOU, of course!
WHAT: 2nd Annual Bilenky CycloCross Urban Cyclocross Race
WHERE: 5319 North 2nd Street, Philly, PA
WHEN: 12 O'Clock Noon
HOW: $5 to race
WHY: There's even going to be some live tunes!
Sponsored by Quality Bicycle Products

And hey, if you are a scaredy chicken like me and you don't have a suitable bike, then we can just hang out. If that doesn't sell you then maybe you need to see some photos from last year.

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  1. oh gees. Im definitely going this year. I missed the first one and was devasted. besides, i have a secret crush on hanging out in junk yards. . .