Hotly Knifed.

Wow. I had sort of forgotten what it's like to get such a crush on a famous person. And by famous, I mean that when I was much, much younger I was totally in love with Leo. By famous, I also mean some great food blogger(s) that I happened to discover while listening to the radio, who are famous in a smaller way. Which just makes them seem more famous, because I'm crushing on them because they are so brutally awesome and not just because I'm a pre-tween who secretly loved Titanic. Um, let me explain.

So, in addition to sewing my bones off most of the time, I am what you might call Food Obsessed. Carrie once said of me, "If I had a nickel for every time Mary talked about food, I'd be a very rich lady." To which my boyfriend John replied, "If I had a nickel for every time Mary talked about food, I'd could retire." Hardy har har. But I'd like to say that yes. I love to read about food and talk about food and cook the food and eat the food and photograph the food and do it all over again. I love food and I'll love it til the day I die.

I also love expensive beer. And more recently, I love making this beer. In my house. And so if I'm not talking about food, Carrie could be collecting nickels about how much I talk about homebrew.

I'm not about to force feed you any of my favorite websites because I know that not everyone can get as psyched about this stuff as I can, but so the moral of this whole stupid story is that I've got a big freaking crush on a new blog I discovered that happens to be about food and beer and is written by two pretty good lookin boys from California. It is called Hot Knives, Hearty Recipes for Heady Homies. They write recipes and food stories and talk about beer and suggest musical pairings for cooking and eating their recipes and even if you hate food and you're straight edge and maybe you're kind of a jerk, I think you might friend crush on them too. Because seriously. I want to hang out and make brunch with them and listen to the Velvet Underground. My little heart is aflutter.

Now I have to say a pie-slice sized portion of my immediate swoon can be chalked up to the fact that they write exclusively on vegetarian and vegan cooking. In the About section of their website, they write:

We live in Los Angeles. We don’t cook with meat. And we like sharpening our knives about as much as we like: bicycling, performing harsh noise music, gardening, slugging whiskey, and muckraking. We believe in cheap groceries, cooking with high alcohol content beer and free leisure. We hate weak sauces.

I don't know how you all feel about this issue, but I happen to be a vegetarian who routinely wades through meat-obsessed food writing to be occasionally rewarded with veg-friendly side dishes and entrees that can be more or less easily adapted to soy meats and stuffs. And so their meat-free slant is pretty huge. There are of course other veggie food blogs out there in the internet, but few have prompted my regular readership or even sustained interest. Until now. Just look at the hip layout of their website. That alone might get you art geeks geeking out too.

Woah baby, is all I can say. This crush is probably the closest I'll ever come to internet dating. And they seem to like to slip in some food puns. It's really win win win.

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