We Love Him

We do! We love Seiya so much that he gets two mentions on this blog in the same week. Not only is he a good customer but he's also a great person, whose goodness is remembered by almost everyone I know who's ever met him. He's like a cycle-messiah, "Have you heard? Seiya's coming!" Er...maybe more like a cycle-saint.

In any case, he starred in an episode of Working, a series of short films by Tramnesia, documenting his shop, Depot. As told by the filmmakers:

WORKING is a series of short videos profiling the practices of small, owner-operated businesses. Inspired by Studs Terkel's landmark oral history of working people in the early 1970's, WORKING interviews individuals who have rejected the idea of working for others, instead setting up businesses in order to work for themselves. If Terkel's study triumphed the survival of the human spirit against the daily humiliation of the Job, the individuals presented here update that theme with personal examples of autonomy against the economies of scale that perpetuate the demoralized workplace.

WORKING attempts to highlight the successes of these individuals in carving out ways to live, of tailoring a "work" situation that "works" for them, offering up business models that value independence over financial and/or material preoccupations. Terkel, quoting a union leader: "Once we accept the concept of work as something meaningful -- not just as the source of a buck -- you don't have to worry about finding enough jobs."

WORKING seeks to learn about the actual practice and challenges of running a business by asking specific questions of how things are done. WORKING tries not only to look behind-the-scenes but also to consider self-assessments regarding the successes and failures of the respective business practice. Ultimately, we hope the profiles inspire you to do it yourself.

Pretty good idea, eh? We really thought so. And Seiya's shop is a perfect example. Go check out Tramnesia's written profile of Depot and then watch the movie. There will be a smile stretching across your face by the end of it. Promise.

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