Good Old Diamond Gusset

I'm happy to learn of a company that is still making their product in the United States. I'm sometimes even more impressed when that company is a large scale manufacturing operation, making things for a mass market. Because much as making things by hand and staying local is a challenge for our small model, we're not exactly competing with hundreds, or thousands of other companies making something like blue jeans. And you know, it takes all kinds, not just bright and beautiful and bicycle riding to make the case for Buy Local.

I ran across this American company, Diamond Gusset that makes heavy duty, regular old pants at their factory in Blue Ridge, Georgia. They have a commercial on their website showing how they make their pants and it showcases all these champion ladies in their fantastic fifties manning mega-industrial machines. Tough stuff.

The jeans themselves aren't much my style, though they'd be great for riding a bicycle. (They have a patented "diamond crotch" reinforcement system happening.) They also seem targeted to the rancher, farmer, heavy duty lifestyler. The point is, good for them, I say. Good for them for staying put and keeping these ladies in their jobs.


  1. ahhh mary, this post is awesome! thanks...although ain't it weird/sad that it seems totally odd. anyways, how bout them jawns with the camo "bramble-resistent" cordura leggings..! &hope you're good.

  2. It is sad that it warrants a blog post for being SO unusual. Although, those bramble resistant, cordura-enhanced men's rendition might have earned them a blog post sooner or later anyway...

    I AM good, in fact. Thanks for asking!