Rainy Day Brigade: Bike Kitchen on the Move

I would like to rally some cheers and admiration for the Bike Kitchen and their heroic move last weekend, all by BICYCLE and in the rain. It's not an easy thing to stand firm on your principles in inclement weather, for crying out loud, and cheers to their admirable determination! Hoorah!

All photos borrowed gratefully from Dustin Jensen, locally talented photographer and blogger, under a Creative Commons license.

The Bike Kitchen is a community bicycle project in San Francisco, of course, that aims to facilitate greater sharing of knowledge and access to the freedom inherent in traveling by bicycle. With a staff of volunteer mechanics on hand to answer questions and lend a hand, it's a great resource to expert and novice cyclists alike. They're still settling in, but plan to reopen March 3 at their fancy new, old 650H Florida Street Address. Happy Housewarming you all.

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