This Weekend I Rode My Bike To Brooklyn

From Chinatown in New York City, but still! It seemed very adventurous at the time and I feel not a little proud of myself for doing it. After a little help finding the Manhattan bridge path from a very nice boy on the chinatown bus also with his bike, I got to my friend Adin's house in Park Slope in forty three minutes. And I made it back on Monday morning in even less! Here is a photo just to prove it:

I'm sort of a tough guy about riding in all kinds of weather in Philadelphia, I've gotten into my share of cursing matches with motorists, and I hoof it across our great bridges back to West Philly every night, but something about biking in New York City has always made me nervous. Well kids, this fear is hereby faced. If you've ever been a chicken like me, I encourage you to try it. Taking your bike on the bus is totally free. And once you're in New York, two wheels is way faster than the subway.

I also managed to catch a glimpse of this public art piece that I'd heard about a while back. While I maintain that the concept of building waterfalls on the East River is a bit frivolous, I'll admit that in person, they are a little breathtaking.


  1. thought you rode the 5 boro bike ride with us a couple years ago??? or maybe I thought we did, because we planned it and then bailed because the weather was too nice. congrats!

  2. I'm super jealous -- the 'waterfall' looks rad!