Rolling Canvas Art Collective

So about a month ago in San Francisco, Cinelli hosted an art show in collaboration with RVCA, a clothing maker. The title of this collaboration was "Pressure," for which a group of notable artists (including Barry McGee, Clare Rojas, Dan Murphy & others) used Cinelli SuperCorsa Pista frames and components as their canvases. This resulted in a number of finished pieces, pairing the bicycle with various medium, which used the bicycle as powerhouse, as recreation and even, as loom. The Barry McGee bike, cream and chrome and adorned with his illustrations in red, will actually go into production.

The landmark show attracted droves of patrons on opening night, perhaps attracted by the curators' promise to "[bring] together visual urban artists working in the modalities of track bike and messenger culture."

This Friday in Philadelphia, something along those lines is happening. Fuji, in collaboration with Jinxed Philadelphia and R.E.Load, presents The Rolling Canvas Collective. Again, a party of locally revered artists will receive Fuji Track Bikes to do with them what they wish. And to bolster the challenge, several artists will also be making gallery quality messenger bags in the tradition of past Seamrippers shows. Together the event will be an auction, with a portion of proceeds to benefit the Neighborhood Bike Works. Like the Cinelli event, they advertise "created to celebrate the union of the art and urban bicycle cultures, the Rolling Canvas Art Collective will highlight and encourage the use of bicycles as a means of artistic expression. These twenty-plus artists will recreate basic, fixed gear bicycles into one-of-a-kind representations of their creative methods ranging from sculpture and metal work, to street art and paint."

Carrie is one of the featured artists, she's contributing a bike and a bag to this show. I've heard rumors of other contributions, but I don't plan on spoiling it for you here. Show opens this Friday, Aug. 1 at 7pm at the Media Bureau Gallery, 4th & Brown Street in Philadelphia.

**Also, a sweet show opens friday at Copy Gallery, the neighbor space to our studio, featuring the work of our friends Damian & Isaac & Becky. Photos and drawings and paintings. I don't have more info than that, you'll just have to trust me on this one.

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