Tandemonium 2008

What could possibly beat the heat this time of year? What's worth sitting in an hour of traffic on Friday at rush hour in a hot car with sad air conditioning? You probably already guessed it: A trip to the Trexlertown Velodrome for the annual tandem track racing event Tandemonium. Um, can I just say...


The race featured the USAC Tandem Sprint Nationals and included riders from all over the world. A series of sprints, followed by one knock down drag out (thank goodness, not literally) go of all eleven teams on the track at once. And in the end, Argentina took it. Crowd favorites also included Gomez and Gomez, a brothers team from Pasadena, CA and a father son duo from King of Prussia. Sadly, no ladies competed on tandems, though there were a couple intermittent rounds of solo riding sprints for both men and women.

Fancy Wheels, too.

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  1. the races are cool to watch, and they happen every friday night! but track tandems are only once a year, sad to say.

    it was also excellent watching the old timers race too, veterans in their 50s-late 60s spinting like they were in their 20s!