New Tricks

You may not believe this, but until yesterday i didn't have a superhero. I'm terrible at making color decisions and decisions in general, but finally, finally, I came up with something for me:

It's a little plain jane, but that's sort of how I am. And I did add this totally fancy gingham to the inside. And we've been putting these little snaps on a few belts here and there and we sort of like it on the open pocket.

And since one snap deserves another, I put some on my u-lock holder as well, allowing for the possibility of additional tool storage. It worked out splendidly.

So far no stitcher's remorse.


  1. Love the belt!

    (are those lefty fabric shears?)

  2. Wow. That rocks. I need to get back in touch about building the Super Hacker belt with you folk.

  3. Genius! Can I get snaps retrofitted onto an existing Superhero?