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It is rare the First Friday when I make plans to see openings. More often, I'll sort of bounce between Vox and the Fabric Workshop to see what there is to see and head home early to dodge the real potential craziness, if I even venture out at all. This Friday is however an exception to the rule and I will be planning to attend not one but TWO openings. Maybe you should too. The first will be Taliah Lempert's show at Copy, conveniently located across the street from the RELoad Studio. I was fortunate enough to catch a glimpse of this show last night and even halfway through the installation I got that fuzzy admiring feeling in my belly, which bodes well for this evening's full display. Taliah paints photorealistic renderings of all sorts of bicycles and things bicycle, using tricks of scale and perspective to really showcase the bike in briliant homages. They could be portraits, for her brush's tender reverence and accuracy, and in many ways they are: capturing the emotions and qualities of each cycle in a truthful, brilliant catalog.

The opening is from 6-11 on Friday at Copy Gallery, 319 N. 11th Street on the 3rd Floor in Philadelphia. I can't say how the following print is displayed in the show, but I will promise that it would be worth your while to come out and see for yourself...

And if after all these bicycles you feel like you need to hop on one and ride somewhere, my friends Ben and Joel are having a little show at the Padlock Gallery in that southerly direction to showcase jointly their very nice drawings and sculpture. Although I haven't had a sneak peek at this show, I have seen Joel's drawings many times and they are meticulous and intriguing and perfect. Ben's sculpture, likewise, will undoubtedly be as nice to be around as he is.

Not to peer pressure you or anything, but it would be really great to see you there. Truly.

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