Fool's Folly

Now I know you've by now finished the NYTimes April Fool's day crossword puzzle and realized that your house is in fact, not on fire. You didn't oversleep until 4 o'clock in the afternoon and Google's homepage is back to normal. Believe it or not, there is still April Foolishness to be had. In fact buckets, this coming Saturday, April 12th in the form of the 8th Annual R.E.Load April Fool's Fun Ride. If you've never been, the fun ride consists of many many many true and false destinations on a scavenger-esque ridable course throughout the city. Charming attractive people are there to greet you at each and every real checkpoint and loneliness awaits you at the not-so-real ones. You can do it as a team, make matching headbands and paint your helmets if you want to. You can also ride any bike you want. Really, it's true.

As you can doubtless read from the flyer, registration starts at noon at the R.E.Load store and costs ten bucks. Ride starts at 2 and the after party location will be announced on Saturday. As of today, there are already 188 riders pre-registered and we expect at least a couple hundred more on the day of the race. It is a super duper fun thing, I can tell you, and if you happen to have the day off from your usual responsibilities, i promise you can count it time well spent. Lots of sponsors also usually means plenty of prizes, so there's always the possibility of winning something flashy too.

For those of you sporting more "vested" interest in "bike culture" you can show up early--that is FRIDAY--for the first ever East Coast Cadence Fast Friday event. Generally this sort of thing is for track riders who do fancy tricks.

In any case, put this in your day planner, kids. And we'll hope to see you Saturday.

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