Good Luck Obama!

Kids, it is time! As if you could possibly have forgotten...its Primary Day! Here in PA anyway. And that means you should wear all your patriotica and head over to your local polling place. You are almost guaranteed to witness some adorable old lady from your neighborhood there who is just so excited to vote for Obama. I certainly did.

And in case you hadn't heard, we're looking at a dangerously close race today. Yesterday on my ride back home, I passed through a groan-inducing Clinton to-do at 34th and Walnut. Apparently the Clinton camp thought they'd overwhelm the overwhelmingly Obama West Philadelphia with a last ditch attempt at a rally at the gates of the West-Philadelphia-loving UPenn Campus. I spent the next four blocks uphill getting it out about that one.

And dudes, if we win PA, the Clinton camp has admitted they will likely back down. Which means a break from all this craziness. Dreams really can come true. But only if you vote. So vote!