New Year's Standard

This year Carrie marched down Broad Street in the 107th annual Mummer's Day Parade with the crew from Space 1026 in a Brigade called the Vaudevillains. Their entourage was titled, "Mummers in the Global Warming Induced Perpetual Summer" and it looked a little something like this:

The Mummer's Parade happens every year on New Year's Day, if you aren't too hung over to make it there, that is. This year, in a moment of grace, it started a little on the late side around noon. It has been dubbed "Philadelphia's Mardi Gras." Here is a quote that sort of sums up the spirit of the thing, from an article in the Inquirer, "I like all the camaraderie, everybody's real friendly to you," said Philly-born and raised Linda Eichmann, 48, standing alongside City Hall as onlookers blared toy horns as the marchers neared the end of the route. "It's the one day of the year our city all gets along," she said. The Vaudevillains came in 17th of the 35 Brigades entered, not bad for their Mummer debut.

Oh, Carrie? She's the one in the huge GREEN VEIL. Waltzing.

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