Daily Candy on Fabric Horse

Last Wednesday Daily Candy was nice enough to do a little write up on Fabric Horse. The next day Lauren Berger of Daily Candy calls to inform me that they have chosen 3 Philadelphia designer/artists to be featured on NBC 10 Tuesday at noon. Pretty sweet! We here at Fabric Horse will be sending off some utility belts today for the "stylish ways to beat the winter blues" section (or something close to that). The best part about it all is I have no idea how it will be displayed or described. Most people have no idea what these things are the first time they see them so I can only imagine what an anchor man or lady from NBC will say, can you? Guess we will all have to wait and see. Tune in to NBC 10 tomorrow (sorry it's Philly only I think) at 11:30-12:00 noon (I think it's in that window). Also, if you can tape it that would be amazing.....


  1. is it on the net?
    can i see it?!

  2. Unfortunately no youtubeage yet, but hopefully forthcoming as we did manage to get someone's heroic dad to tape it on dvd...so check back?