Japan was in town

On Sunday I received a surprise visit from our friend Takuya in Kyoto. He is one of the Kyoto Loco organizers and messenger for Kaze Messengers. He recently opened his own little bike repair shop inside of a cafe in Kyoto and also has become an adviser for his friend Takashi who is opening a new cycling/fashion/art gallery/messenger hang out called "Darwin" soon to open Feb. 16. The two of them came to the states to meet and establish business relationships with those Takashi wanted to showcase in his new store (in our case - Fabric Horse and Reload). Takuya was sort of his tour guide introducing him to all his friends. His english is amazing and he knows America really well from living in SF for a bunch of years back in the day. Takuya also used to live in the infamous Fortuna House in Kyoto, which if any of you have stayed at knows you can never forget. Needless to say, they wanted to get cheesesteaks and I happily tagged along to watch.
They loved them!

We went out for drinks later with some friends and 3 of us got some free cigarettes from the promoters (I by no means am advocating Camel with this photo) to give to Takuya, he was pretty stoked.
He also was quite the champ kickin it with my two cats, one being new so they didnt really get along too well.

So now Fabric Horse will be sold in Kyoto, Japan at a store called Darwin, go check it out if you are there!! For their opening party photographs by my good friend Pai, who takes photos for Pedal Mafia, will be on display.

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