BikeShare Philadelphia

A bit of a heads up to a meeting this Thursday of a local consortium working to start a community use bike organization in Philadelphia. While many of us find it more convenient to have our own bicycles to use and to love, a squadron of bikes like this have proven effective in encouraging more people to opt for the bicycle to meet their transportation needs. As the Bike Share Philadelphia webiste notes, this can serve "to reduce traffic congestion and to enhance the livability of cities." In turn, increasing Philadelphians' access to bicycles could reduce automobile traffic and reduce emissions, all of which is good if you believe this truth about global warming and perpetual summer. If this sounds like something you might be interested in, then maybe you should check out the forum on Thursday evening at 6:30 and add your two cents to the discussion.

UPDATE: Check out this article in the most recent citypaper for tons more information and candid opinions by those closest to the issue.

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  1. contact Toronto's bikeshare program and we can help you with ideas.

    Communitybicyclenetwork.org cheek us out.