Things We Are Proud Of

As one of our very first posts here on the FH blog, we’d like to give you a better idea of what this company actually looks like, every day, and why we feel pretty good about what we are doing here. Six months ago, we moved into a beautiful studio space that we share with R.E.Load at 310 N. 11th Street in Philadelphia.

Here we are most able to pool resources like space and equipment with a slightly larger, though still small company like R.E.Load, while maintaining separate goals and products and energy. Fabric Horse values cooperation and collaboration with local artists and local companies. Following this suit, we really thrive on the mutual inspiration that results from our proximity to other creative endeavors. Plus, we have a killer view of the city and get to work alongside our friends every single day.

In turn, the utility belts largely responsible for our growing recognition in the handmade and cycling communities are produced using some of the materials scrapped by our neighbors.

This makes us happy! Not only does it help offset the high labor costs of making our belts, it's also environmentally beneficial, as we can help R.E.Load cut down on some of the fabric waste that would otherwise head over to landfills.

And sewing stuff we like is fun!

And when a person decides to purchase a utility belt or a pair of spats or even a little lock holster, he or she invests in their community by supporting a local business that provides a positive work environment. If all the people who shopped at K-Mart adjusted their consumption toward quality, locally produced products, our fair city would be a better place. And we’d all live in tree houses and ride lightning bolts and wear sparkles!...

We are really excited about how Fabric Horse has grown over the past few months and wanted to bring you up to speed on some of these developments. So thanks for being FH fans! Seriously, you’re doing the right thing. Read us often! More to follow…

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