Hot Wax Canvas

We've been using waxed canvas for a while now, primarily to make the beloved little spats we debuted over a year ago. We soon realized what an awesome material it is and incorporated it into some of our utility belts. Most recently, we began using it for the 59-Fanny.

Waxed canvas, also called Tin Cloth, is one of the oldest materials in the world of baggage and outdoors equipment. It was developed intitially to help sailors keep moisture off the skin during time at sea. Linseed oil would be rubbed onto their clothing to help repel moisture. Today, the manufactured version of the stuff is just canvas that has been "impregnated" as the kids like to say, with a blend of wax. And as the canvas ages, the fibers' oiled coating only gets more water repellant, which is why it is still used in the manufacturing of camping packs, military equipment, messenger bags and even shoes.

So waxed canvas rules for several reasons. From a stitching perspective, this stuff folds and sews up really easily. We use a medium weight, which has proven really durable. And as soon as you touch the stuff, the texture and heaviness will make you positively swoon!

You'll want to make yourself some booties! It is luxurious like leather without the sometimes creepy associations of death and animals, less expensive, and classy!


  1. Can you point me in the direction of a waxed canvas supplier? I'm trying to purchase some for a project I'm working on and can't seem to find any online.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    dan at nawara dot com.

  2. where do you get that stuff?

    toast.000(at) gmail dot com

  3. I agree, you've really convinced me that this is awesome stuff. Kind of a tease though, to hear you tell us how great it is without any indication of how to get our hands on some...

  4. Sadly, we are not at liberty to disclose our source for this stuff guys. We have an arrangement which relies upon its confidentiality. Several other outdoors/sport apparel companies use the stuff, but as a warning, the way you get ahold of it is by usually by purchasing very large quantities at a time-a roll, say. I'd suggest looking into some of these type of companies or your local heavy duty fabric retailer, like maybe this one.

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