Hang on to Your Ego

A friend of mine, bike snob, mechanic, old-timer wannabe, sent me this link. It will take you to a little article called "Tips for Happy Riding" and I happen to think it's pretty cool, pretty funny and a sassy reference for checking our bike egos now and again. The author of the article is Grant Petersen, former head of Bridgestone USA and founder of Rivendell Bicycle Works, an all around good-guy shop out in California that specializes in made-to-order, everyman bicycles. The article is perhaps geared more toward the distance rider than the city commuter, but even city riders could benefit from a once over.

Photo courtesy of www.pushbuttonfor.org

Grant writes:
Our mission is to make things that wouldn't be made if we weren't here, to offer an alternative to racing-centric bikes and parts, and to espouse a different approach to riding. And to resurrect and keep healthy many of the better ideas, designs, and styles of bicycles, clothing, and accessories that we personally like to use or wear.
Which we here at Fabric Horse can definitely get behind! Rivendell makes and sells some pretty awesome, highly useful stuff. If you haven't seen their website, it is definitely worth the visit. They use a historically comprehensive philosophy in the design of their bicycles, which in turn carries over to the products they recommend. Their love of cycling comes across in every detail of their business model, which is really admirable and something we too strive for when making all of our crazy stuff. Even if you don't agree with everything he says, Grant has a dedication to all things bike that is as infectious as pedaling itself. So go read it already! Go!

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