Pre Holiday Consciousness!

I Took The Handmade Pledge! BuyHandmade.org

I know it's only October. Pre-Halloween even...but I saw this website recently and figured that the holidays are really just around the corner. I'm not trying to push any sort of excessive craft consumerism down your throat, but I'd venture to guess that you are probably going to buy at least one little something for some lovely person in the next couple of months. Statistically, it seems pretty likely in light of all those scorpios and capricorns in your life on top of all the holidays in the next eight weeks. I'm just saying that you seem like a nice enough person, which means you probably have a friend that will probably get you something totally awesome and if you don't reciprocate you'll look like a pretty big jerk.

The thing is, I actually love Christmas. I am a huge sappy dork about it all and anyway, I'm just trying to impart some pre-holiday spirit on you people by asking that you give some thought to this little pledge. With all these people reclaiming and recrafting and just plain old making some really great things, the holidays are a perfect time to introduce your squarer friends and family to handmade goods. One-of-a-kind gifts win you 100% more brownie points, I can assure you. The growing magnetic field surrounding the American Craft movement is pretty staggering and it would behoove you to add yourself to it. Even if you can't put your name down in internet writing, wander over to this website, check out some of the sponsors and learn a little something. The pledge serves as a cheerful reminder of all the myriad ways in which holiday consumption can manifest itself. So give it a little thought before the chaos really hits. Conspicuous consumption never felt so good.

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