What To Do

With that dusty old tree that's now starting to drop needles like a clumsy junkie? Good thing you asked. Seems that the Philadelphia Pedal Co-Op has you covered. For One Measly Dollar per foot of height, your beloved tannenbaum can be carried with dignity to the local composting receptacle instead of the trash heap. Apparently the City of Philadelphia will landfill all those poor trees left by the roadside, which leaves you with only two alternatives: email Woody from the coop [pedalcoop@gmail.com] or take the tree yourself to the Streets Department Sanitation Convenience Center.

If you skipped the tree this year in the interest of environmentalism or say, Hannukah, you could also rally up some of those curb-ridden trees and do some recycling of your own. For one, you could make a forest installation in your living room like some people. See, it's really up to you.

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  1. no tree this year, but we do still have our kumquat tree and we are looking for a lemon tree for indoors as well. it is awesome having a tree indoors, by the way!