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You're probably pooped out from celebrating, but our pals at Magick Outlaw have a show of their incredible and I'll say it, zany, screen prints going up at the Art In The Age space in Old City tonight. This is the very same Magick Outlaw that's behind those fancy 59ers you've been drooling over. The show will probably be brighter, crazier and better than any other opening you've ever been to, so it would be worth crawling out of your post-holiday cave for. Mr. Pete Whitney writes, "Me and Joel and possibly even Don Vincent Ortega are gonna stop by there this Friday night the 2nd if you, like, want an autograph or something." So, there you have it.

Other exciting things out of Outlaw this holiday season include some sweet cycle relevant prints by print assistant Don Vincent Ortega, dear Philadelphia collectibles and a new shirt design that may remind you of someone you know.

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