Go Go Gadget Lane

Since it's not like any of us have money to burn right now, here is a thing that is not really available for purchase but is so ingenious that its lighting up the blogosphere, literally. It's a little funny to be singing the praises of a thing that doesn't actually seem to yet exist, much like lauding the concept of a teleporter. But I'm not the only one. It's such a good idea that it seems to elevate the designers who came up with it to the more esteemed distinction of Inventor.

So what is it? Drumroll please...a bike light that creates a Bike Lane all around you as you ride. So say you're living under the iron curtain of a certain injunction? Take matters into your own hands! Have trouble with pesky vehicles crowding your god-given right to the road? Show them, with lights, who's boss. And since the lane travels with you, no more bike lanes that mysteriously merge into automobile traffic or disappear altogether.

Dubbed the Light Lane, the laser-lane guarantee hints at very great possibilities in advocating cycle commuting. It's a little guerrilla, a little techie and a little imagination. Magnifique!

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