San Franciscans! Yeah You!

Just a heads up to those of you in the Bay Area who are thinking of ordering lock holsters or utility belts in the near future: You may or may not know this but we have a little stock outpost in your town! The kids at Box Dog Bikes have been good enough to keep some of our stuff in stock at their (adorable) shop in SF. We thought you might like to know because we continue to get loads of orders for lock holsters from the fine folks in California. While we surely appreciate your internet business, it might be cool for you to not have to pay shipping on some of these things if they happen to already be located in your municipality.

They are open seven days a week, conveniently, and just by the snapshots on their website you can see they are an accessible shop that has all sorts of useful things for your perusal. So even if you've already got a lock holster, you might get a kick out of their selection of fancy tires, used parts, or crafty signage. Plus, the shop is collectively owned by the people who work there. Which is pretty great.

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