Quite the Pair!

Welcome to a Fabric Horse beer week moment! This is an unofficial beer week event, so if you're scouring your schedule trying to figure out how you missed it, just stop. We aren't in their fancy schmancy calendar. Besides, this is really more of a DIY event, as in you procure the necessary couplings for this tasting and then revel in their exquisite match. So, are you ready?

First for the palette...and yes I mean palette:

A mellow brown halfbelt with creamy snakeskin overtones and hints of red. Then get ready for the pour:

Oh! It's that extra special made-in-Belgium-exclusively-for-Monk's Cafe Flemish Sour Ale! This beer pours deep mahogany in the glass and offers a fruity, cherry aroma, which gives way to a gentle malt flavor and lactic sourness. Lovers of kombucha will probably find this beer to be heaven in a glass. Even the little red and white label screams, "Drink me with THAT one!" My bottle of Monk's is pointing to the halfbelt as he says this. Yours will probably say something along those lines. By the way, Monk's is a really excellent beer bar in Philadelphia that has some insane number of beers both on tap and in bottles. A definite brew lover's destination. This Flemish Sour they have made just for them by the Van Steenberge brewery outside of Ghent, Belgium.

Drinking this beer in a tulip glass donning that tasteful utility belt, you will feel like pure class. That's no PBR! And no mere fanny pack. Both may weigh a little on your wallet, but you certainly get what you pay for. The shades of rich red and brown on your person will bring out the acidic notes in the brew to dance a beautiful Flemish jig on your tongue.

Ideally, you would taste this beer in the Monk's Cafe establishment in person, because then the other patrons can ogle your belt and foam with jealousy. Monk's Original is located at 16th and Spruce streets just below Rittenhouse, though the cozy place can quickly crowd and overwhelm. If you are a little antisocial, you might opt for the new Monk's Belgian Cafe at 21st and Green for its ample space and even outdoor seating. And for those of you who self-identify as Shut-Ins, you can always get the beer in a bottle at the Foodery and drink it alone at your house. (This latest scheme seems to describe our poor photographer.) For the belt, it should be up in the FH shop soonish, though if you can't wait to get your pairing on, feel free to email us too.

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