Craft Fair City!

Well since we got the boot from our store front in the Piazza we are now all settled into our new space at 310 N. 11th St. 2nd Floor. Running a store is a lot of work so now that we have more time on our hands I have decided to do a craft fair tour with FH all summer. Starting with Bazaar Bizarre in San Mateo, CA on May 22 + 23rd.

sponsored in part by:

and in cahoots with The Bay Area Maker Fair

After I get back we will be almost ready for the Renegade Craft Fair in Brooklyn on June 5 + 6th at McCarren Park.

Giving us about a month after Brooklyn to gear up for a cross country trip where we will be hitting up LA, SF, and more up thru the Pacific Northwest if our car or bus allows...

Keep an eye out, we may be coming to a city near you....


  1. have fun on the road, sorry again about the piazza being shitty. I can't understand how a name like piazza, so close to the word pizza, could leave a bad taste in my mouth.