That Year Time

I must apologize for the slowness of posting during these days in this very latest part of 2008. About now each year, FH shuts down shop until the new year passes so that the ladies can put their feet up and enjoy the holidays in a work-free fashion. I happen to be less one digital camera (at my house we have to share and so when the both go in separate directions, well, the camera can't very well be split in two) and I'd like to blame my absent posting on my coinciding inability to capture images.

I trust you are all making New Year's resolutions and preparing excitedly for the Eve tonight, spiking the punch, hanging a disco ball perhaps and timing your playlists. I'm always down for an inspirational tale at times like these. I promise this one will be quick.

On Sunday night, I was talking to my friends from home about what its like biking year round in Wisconsin. They live in Madison and my friend Matt had just got a really sweet new winter time, cycle-friendly jacket and this inspired a general discussion of Wisconsin Winters. Since arriving here two weeks ago, I've pretty much avoided driving at all costs because by now I'm so ill accustomed to slippery roadways that I was sure I'd wreck my little brother's car sooner than I could back out of the driveway. So when we then started discussing biking around on such roads, with banks mounded four feet high from the snow plows and black ice lurking beneath ever-freshened dusts of snow, I decided I'd be similarly terrified to bike in this sort of weather even if I had my own equipment on hand and proper attire. For all I may boast of bravely facing Philadelphia winters, riding in the winter in suburban sprawl is unimaginable to me. Then you'll guess at my astonishment when Matt then mentioned that a friend of his plans to start a messenger company here in Appleton, WI to operate year round serving the city. Remember, today the high temperature should reach 10 degrees Fahrenheit and there's 3 feet of snow on the ground! Very quickly what I thought unimaginable not only occurs in the imagination, but is now intended! I am surprised and shocked by the proposition of cycle messengering in Appleton, WI. In a good way; this tale makes me realize I should open my eyes more, be optimistic and stop patting myself on the back for unconditionally riding through the rain.

As you don your gay apparel, take to heart this story of some people in extreme climates getting out and riding even against what might be called better judgment. If this kid in fact accomplishes a successful company in this, the most unwelcome climate, the rest of us better start aiming higher. Calibrate your goals to a grander scale, call for extremes and make no excuses!

So then, are you ready to tackle 2009? We thought so. Happy new year.

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