Many apologies, I lost all my emails

I have been spending all day, and really most of my week, upgrading my 2004 ibook G4 to Leopard. I was double careful and backed everything up, twice I had believed actually. It appeared all my email history had saved, but in fact, it all vanished. I like to think it was into the interweb's thin thin air, but what can you do? I had almost 30 unread emails I had been putting off reading (including those not from customers or dealers) because my attention was on the prize.

If we have had pending email conversations PLEASE email me back as I have an undiagnosed case of ADHD. There are many many things racing around in my brain and I just might forget about your email. I apologize profusely . . . THANKS!

Carrie Collins (this includes all info@fabrichorse.com emails)

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