Sunday Dog Driver

Yes that's a dog on that bike. He's nestled inside that padded milk crate and wearing a helmet. a very. small. helmet. If you blink your big human eyes you could miss him because he is miniature.

I can't really explain how much like a stalker I felt like, snapping picture after zoomed in picture of this pooch wearing his stupid tiny helmet, but it was just so incredible and joy inducing I wanted to make sure I'd be able to share the feeling with you. And in case you have your own little guy to protect and serve, you can find such safety devices here. Now I know many people ride around with Spot inside their bags. I'm not too sure how good that is. And I'm equally uncertain that this so-called helmet would protect Fido's head should you take a tumble on a trolley track. But regardless of your position on carrying Dog along for the ride, I'm pretty sure this is better than any pet accessory on the market, pooper scooper included.

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